Celebrating Natural Curls from the Start

At CurlyKids HairCare, we believe that black is beautiful and that curl texture should be celebrated. Our mission has always been to transform the way black children view their natural hair, fostering a sense of pride and confidence from an early age.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest addition to the CurlyKids family: CurlyBaby. This collection of hair products for infants and toddlers has been formulated with the safest and gentlest ingredients, ensuring the utmost care for delicate baby curls. Growing our brand family to include CurlyBaby was a natural progression for us, as we continue our journey to support and celebrate natural curls at every stage of life.

CurlyBaby is not just about hair care; it's about helping African American youth feel more confident about their natural hair and inspiring black children through representation. We want to show them that their bold, beautiful personalities and dynamic hairstyles are something to be proud of.

As a mother first and then a business owner, I have the unique privilege of witnessing children embrace their natural hair with our products, often for the very first time. It is an uncontested joy and a true honor to see the positive impact CurlyKids has on their self-esteem and identity. This is the heart of our family business and the essence of what we set out to achieve. We invite you to join us in celebrating the launch of CurlyBaby and to continue supporting the
natural beauty of curls, from infancy through every stage of life.

Warmest Regards,
Sandy Williams Bordenave
Co-founder, CurlyBaby HairCare

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